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               Thank You!

Greetings to Expo Attendees, Volunteers, Speakers and Exhibitors!

    Well, now that the board has had a chance to slow down and take a philippines bitcoin exchange deep breath, we want to thank you so much for your support of this year's Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo.  As far as we can tell, it was a huge success and we give all the glory to God and to you, His people!!!

    Everything during those three days went relatively smoothly, considering we had a new location and everything was just "bigger".   We have gotten glowing reports and even some testimonies of where God really  ministered to hurting families in a big way.  That blesses us so much because one of our main goals in this Expo was to  help families be better homeschoolers in the way that God has called them to be and not in the way that someone else thinks they should homeschool.  Each of us is unique philippine cryptocurrency, each family is unique and each homeschool will be unique--each being led by the Holy Spirit within them and not the teachings of man.

    We've tabulated the winners of our drawings and if your name is below, you will be receiving your gift soon (if you have not already).   And the winners are:

Lori Gaines - Cardinal tickets

Raynell Gegel - "Aquarium Guide--A Bible-based handbook to the Acuarium"

Cindy Jones - "The Lie:  Evolution" by Ken Ham

Karen Sandt - "Creation Evangelism  for the New Millennium" by Ken Ham

Sara Sorrell - DVD and book set - "Drive Through History"

Sheila Beard - 1 set of CDs of this Expo--your choice!

Lori Nass - 1 Family Pass to the 2009 Expo

Cherre Danforth - 1 Family Pass to the AIG Creation Museum

Phebe Martin - 1 Family Pass to the AIG Creation Museum

Mary Simon - Book and DVD: "Me, the Professor, Fuzzy, and the Meaning of Life" by David Pensgard

Janel Schrunk - DVD:  "Arguments Creationists Should Not Use"

Jeff & Malena Swoboda - DVD set and Teacher Guide: "Genesis of a Legacy--Raising Godly Children in an  Ungodly World" by Ken and Steve Ham

    Once again, we would also like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers--this Expo would cryptocurrency ph not happen without you!!!  A special thanks to the First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County for their wonderful hospitality!  Your building is a special gift from God and you have used it to help His Body in an exceptional way!

    Thanks to our awesome speakers!  Many of us were too busy to actually sit in on the sessions, but oh, have we had some wonderful feedback!!!  God used all of  you in a mighty way too!    Plans are already underway for next year.  We are taking your suggestions and hoping to make next  year even better.  May the rest of your school year be filled with peace and we pray that this summer is the most restful and enjoyable one that you have ever had.

Sincerely,The Board of the Greater St.  Louis Area Home Educators Expo

2008 Expo Attendee Comments

"This is the best homeschool conference I've been to. Very encouraging!"

"The speakers helped me so much this year! I am revived and renewed and very thankful. Steve Demme and Todd Wilson were my favorites."

"What a wonderful thing to be surrounded by moms who value their children as much as I do! Fantastic conference. I used to teach public school, so I'm a seasoned conference attendee, but none were as great as this. Very impressive."

"Thank you so much. I needed this. It was refreshing to be with so many people who are on the same journey. The speakers were such a blessing and the price made it an opportunity within my grasp. I know I would have to pay more than this just to hear me if them. What a ministry. What a blessing."

"The speakers are fantastic--over and above my expectations! They are real people who blessed me greatly by sharing their lives and lessons learned through their own homeschool journey. The greatest part about this whole Expo is how Christ-centered it is! Thank you all. You've done a terrific job! I will certainly be back again next year."

"The Children's Expo was great fun for my son. He couldn't wait to come back. I liked that it was in the same building as the Homeschool Expo."

"Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing Homeschool Expo. The special needs seminars were a blessing to me. A lot of years have been spent just coping and adjusting to our children's needs and now we can actually use these skills to help them....The amazing volunteers and speakers were very helpful. You cannot afford to miss this is you have kids with special needs."

"This was my first time to the Expo and I was blessed! I attended many workshops on special needs and received tons of information that I needed. Thanks for the assistance in this area of concern; it's much appreciated! Speakers were awesome and helpful!"

2008 Expo Exhibitor Comments

Host and volunteer support, friendly Christian environment, well organized.  Good food service

Registration was well set up.  Punch cards were a good idea!  Good variety of workshops.  Signs on road were helpful!

Good people doing good things for other families.  I liked the attendance

EVERYTHING!!!  Loved the church atmosphere as opposed to convention centers.  Appreciate leadership sensitivity to vendor needs - even down to having water & snacks available at the vendor lounge


Tapes of most of the speakers are available for purchase through
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