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Many Expo seminars are recorded for your convenience.  Rhino Technologies is owned and run by a Christian homeschooling family and has been the official conference recording company of the Expo since its inception.

You may ask yourself, “Why do I need to purchase CDs”.  There are many reasons.

  • There are so many good speakers at the Expo; you can’t possibly hear them all!  Don’t miss anything by buying seminars on CD for those that you can’t attend
  • CDs are a good way to keep yourself motivated when the slump hits.  Plan ahead and get some encouraging seminars to listen to during those times.
  • You may have been so excited by what you heard in a seminar that you want to implement those ideas in your homeschool.  But it’s hard for other family members to have the same enthusiasm unless they hear the same seminar.  Share CDs with your family to encourage a united homeschool front!
  • One more benefit, if you listen to a seminar and decide to go home and implement the ideas you heard, it’s always good to have the ability to go back and reacquaint yourself with the needed information. 
  • Have a friend that couldn’t make the Expo and you want to share some encouraging ideas?  Buy them some CDs! 
  • Want to help Missionaries who are homeschooling, or a local library?  How about buying some CDs and donating them!

Rhino Technologies will have a booth at the Expo so that you can purchase CDs immediately after seminars.  Or you can purchase at a later date from their web site: