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Before the Expo

  • Ask God to order your steps and take you to the seminars He wants you to attend.  Pray that He will reveal His will for you during this conference.
  • What are your Goals or Objectives in attending the Expo?  This determines if you will be heading to the exhibitor hall a large majority of the time and which seminars you would most like to hear.
  • Make a list of the curriculum you are looking for.
  • Print out a copy of the daily schedule before the expo and plan out your day. 
  • Print out a copy of the Talk Descriptions.  Read about each seminar and decide in advance what would most meet your needs. 
  • Register online. Save money over the door price and make things easy on yourself by registering online in advance.
  • Sign up the kids with the Children’s Expo.  Make the most of your time as you plan, shop and rejuvenate for your school, and let your children be encouraged in the word and with other homeschoolers as you do!
  • Check out the Exhibitor List online and then go to the websites of those exhibitors that interest you, maybe order a catalog ahead of time.

During the Expo 

  • DON”T BE OVERWHELMED! Remember, every homeschool parent you see at that conference has had their first time conference attendance experience.  And they LIVED through it!  You don’t have to get everything you need or make every decision regarding your homeschool right NOW!  Take it slow and concentrate on the issue that ranks number one on your Goal list.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Bring a bag that is comfortable for you to carry around, for your brochures and small purchases.  Remember what you bring in with you, you will have to carry all day long.
  • Bring a notebook, small enough to be comfortable to carry around and a pencil or pen.  Taking notes takes the pressure off; you don’t have to remember everything!!
  • Bring some return address labels with your name and address on them.  It makes signing up for mailing list and free gifts that much easier!
  • Bring cash and debit/credit cards to pay for purchases. 
  • Turn your cell phone to vibrate out of respect to Seminar Speakers and other conference attendees. 
  • When planning which seminars you wish to attend, remember to check and see which ones will be taped.  You can always purchase some seminar talks on CD and not have to miss any of the talks you wanted to hear.  Purchasing CD’s of seminars allows you to be encouraged even after the Expo is over! 
  • Be sure and visit the Homeschool Clinic, it’s not just for new homeschoolers.  If you have any questions about homeschooling in general, or if you want to see some curriculum without the pressure of a sales person near by, or if you just want to chat, stop by!
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with the location floor plan before you begin your day.  Find the bathrooms, concessions stand and exhibitor hall.  Walk around a bit.
  • If you are meeting up with some one at the conference, plan the EXACT location in the building AND the time. The building is quite large and the Expo will be on three floors. 
  • Remember to eat and drink.  Stay hydrated and don't let your blood sugar drop.  For your convenience there is a Concession Stand located on the 2nd floor behind the exhibitor hall.
  • Relax and Enjoy. Remember to take breaks to just refresh and let your mind relax.  Have a chat with a homeschool friend and don’t create pressure for yourself by making a too tight schedule.  This is a homeschool parent’s idea of FUN!

Exhibitor Hall Tips

  • Start from the back of the hall and work your way forward. 
  • Take a once around the hall, without spending much time on each booth, just to get an idea of what is available.
  • When you have seen what’s there, then go back and take more time at the specific booths that interest you. 
  • Don’t make your purchases on the first day, listen to some seminars and talk with other homeschool mom’s BEFORE you buy.
  • Get brochures from exhibitors, even if it doesn't seem like something you need now.  You can file these for future use.
  • Plan on taking more than one trip to the Exhibitor Hall.  If you visit on Thursday and come back on Friday, it will be easier to make good choices for your family.

After the Expo

  • File your paper work.  Save your notes and any brochures that you wish to save, that way when you finally get to American History in September, you can go back and look up that curriculum or teaching method that you were so excited about.
  • Listen to CDs of seminars you attended and found helpful or encouraging or to seminars you were not able to attend.
  • Plan for Expo 2009!  Sign up online at the www.stlhomeschoolexpo.com web site to receive Stay Informed emails.

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