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Variety Show Information

The 2008 GSLAHE Variety Show will be held

Thursday night - April 10


We will be having two separate Variety Shows!!

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Having two show times will allow people to be able

to watch one Variety Show and have time to participate in the free vendor shopping night as well.

This year, if you would like to participate in the Variety Show, you will need to participate in an audition.


In an effort to include homeschoolers from all over the greater

St. Louis area, we will be offering auditions in five areas across the
region.  Anyone interested in auditioning must submit an application

You can print one right from the website by clicking this link:
Variety Show Application


Remember, we are looking for variety with this show.

 Singers, clowns, comedy acts, violinists,
brass bands, musical instruments, etc. 

We are also looking for acts that have larger groups of children in them.
That does not mean that soloists cannot audition. We will have some soloists.

It means that we want to be able to represent as many homeschooled children as
possible in the two hours of variety shows, so multiple children acts are encouraged.


Groups of performers are preferred over single acts.
  1. All individuals, whether solo or in a group, must be currently being homeschooled.
  2. No one will be considered without submitting an application.
  3. Applications must be postmarked no later than Saturday, February 8.  No applications will be accepted with later postmarks.  No exceptions.
  4. Age preference is 12 and up.
  5. Placement in the Variety Show is totally in the hands of the GLSAHE Variety Show organizers.
  6. Anyone auditioning must be able to commit to a rehearsal during the week of the conference (on either a Monday or Tuesday afternoon or evening) and to being available from 4:30 -9:00 p.m. on the evening of the performance.  
  7. Variety is the key.  If a child does not make placement into the show this decision does not mean that he or she was not good enough.  It does, however, guarantee that we will not have twenty of the same act.  


We have set up five different audition locations, each in a

different part of town, so that we could reach as many

people as possible.  Please read the list located on
this page
(click here: MAPS) and figure out

which one works for you.  We ask that you indicate your top

three preferences when you fill out your application.  We

will do everything possible to give you your top choice for

audition locations, but if that location is filled when we get

your application, you will then get your next choice.  So,

get your applications in early!  The deadline for submitting

 applications is February 8, 2008.  All application envelopes

must be postmarked by that date for you to participate

in the audition.


View Printing Instructions Here: Printing Instructions