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Exhibitor Application

Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "printer friendly" button to print this form.




Name of group or act auditioning__________________________________________ Number of children in act:_________

Are all children in act homeschooled? Yes__ No___  Approximate time of act:________  (Acts are not to exceed 5 minutes)

Name and ages of children in act (Please put age of each child in parentheses to right of name)

__________________________(_____)  __________________________(_____)  __________________________(_____)

__________________________(_____)  __________________________(_____)  __________________________(_____)

(Please list additional children and their ages on the back of the application.  All children in act need to be listed.)

Name of your piece (if applicable)_______________________________________________________________________

Will you be using accompaniment?  Yes____No____What type?_______________________________________________

Do you have any stage requirements (microphone, piano, etc)? Yes________      No__________

    If yes, please list them:__________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate any other information of importance on your act_______________________________________________



Adult contact for act:__________________________________________________________________________________

Adult contact address: ________________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State____________ Zip code: _____________________

Phone: (____)________­___________Cell: (____)___________________Email___________________________________

 Note:  Email will be our primary means of communication with you.

Please list any additional adult contacts on the back of the application.



Please indicate your top three choices for audition locations (place numbers 1-3 in appropriate blank to left of church name).  See expo website for details on locations.  We will attempt to grant your first choice; however, if an audition is full when we receive your application, then you will be given your second or third choice.  Auditions are filled on a first received, first assigned basis.  Assume that you have your first choice unless you receive email notification indicating that you have been placed otherwise.


          West County Area          St. Charles Area               South City/County        North County Area             Illinois Area

          Mon, Feb. 18                    Tues, Feb. 19                    Wed, Feb. 20                 Mon. Feb 25                        Fri, Feb 29

_____Ballwin Bap. Ch.   _____1st Bap. St. Peters     ____Grace UCC          _____Flo. Val. Bap. Ch.     _____Trinity Luth. Ch


By signing this application you agree that you will arrive promptly to your audition and you understand that since this is a variety show, we reserve the right to choose which acts will be included.


____________________________________________________   _________________________________________________    ________________________

Responsible Student’s Signature                                                        Responsible Adult’s Signature                                                     Date

NOTE:  If the auditioning act is a multiple student act, only one responsible student and one responsible adult need to sign this audition application.  However, the responsible adult and student are signing and agreeing to the above information for the other members of the act.


Please make a copy of this form for your files.

Please mail this application to the following address,

postmarked no later than Saturday, February 8, 2008.


Mrs. Lourie Stahlschmidt

1118 Holly Springs Trail

St. Peters, MO 63376


********Absolutely no applications will be accepted with late postmarks.  No exceptions.********


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lourie Stahlschmidt at / 314-568-3126.


View Printing Instructions Here: Printing Instructions